Steps on to curb thefts in trains in Vijayawada Division

Rajahmundry (RJY):  Government railway police to take measures to contain mainly the thefts in the trains in Vijayawada Divisional area. GRP SP Dr C.H. Shyam Prasada Rao held a crime review meeting with the police officials here on Tuesday.  Speaking on the occasion, Dr Shyam Prasada Rao said that the crime rate had come down when compared with last year and added that chain snatchings and theft of valuables were becoming rampant especially in airconditioned coaches in the trains.

He said that two gangs comprising 13 men hailing from Bihar and Haryana states were nabbed recently resulting in decline in crime rate graph in the Vijayawada division.

Referring to Hijras entering into the moving trains and forcibly collecting money from the passengers, the SP instructed the officials to book cases against them. He also asked the officials to deal firmly with anti-social elements entering the railway stations and book cases against them.