Subway at Thanjavur Junction ready

21TY_PAGE1_SUBWAY_1437013fThe Rs.40-lakh facility connects the first three platforms

A new subway built at a cost of Rs. 40 lakh connecting platform one, two, and three at Thanjavur Railway Junction will be thrown open for public use in the first week of May.

“All work has been completed in the subway except some lighting arrangements at the entrance and approach roads.”

“Once they are completed, the subway may be thrown open to the public in first week of May,” sources in the Southern Railway said.

The subway will help passengers — particularly elderly and children — reach platform one, two, and three, and from these platforms to get out of the station easily.

About 30 express trains and 25 passenger trains pass through Thanjavur and passenger traffic has seen tremendous increase. At present, people use the footbridge to reach platforms. They cross the railway lines. The subway will prevent crossing of the lines and help people reach safely the platforms.

There will be three entry and exit points in the subway. “One more subway will be constructed connecting platform three, four, and five in the course of time,” sources added. Platform one and two, which were not in use after gauge conversion, have been improved and now put to use with broad gauge lines.

“Now goods trains are operated on platform one and two. After completion of water pipelines, passenger trains will be operated from June on these platforms,” said the sources. At present, passenger trains are operated on platform 3, 4, and 5. Southern Railway has plans to beautify the entrance to the station in a traditional way in tune with the heritage status of the town. People have been eagerly awaiting introduction of an express train from Thanjavur to Chennai as announced in the recent railway budget.