Subways to come up at 7 level crossings in Pune Division

PUNE: The Central Railway (Pune division) has planned to eliminate seven level-crossing gates on the Pune-Miraj section and a few more on the Daund-Baramati section.

The gates on Satara-Koregaon, Koregaon-Rahimatpur, Bhilvadi-Kirloskarwadi, Rahimatpur-Taragaon and Taragaon-Masur sections will be replaced by subways at a cost of Rs 4 crore. They will enable people to cross the tracks safely, restrict accidents and reduce the waiting time for people during train crossing, officials said.

A Pune Railway Division official said the administration had closed three gates last year and replaced them with subways or overbridges. While steps are being taken to eliminate level crossings, efforts are on to man the existing level crossings in the division, the official added.

Of the 179 level crossing gates in Pune division, 143 are manned. Plans are to reduce the number of unmanned gates and build subways or overbridges at each of them.

Pune-Lonavla and Pune-Daund are the busiest sections in the division for train operations and illegal crossing of tracks by citizens, but the crossings in both sections are manned. The 36 unmanned gates are in other sections including Pune-Kolhapur and Daund-Baramati.

“Every year, we eliminate some level crossings. We are working with the state government to build subways or overbridges at some crossings. Besides, steps are being taken to restrict entry of cattle on the tracks.”

Foot overbridges have been built at important stations in the division to stop commuters from crossing the tracks.