Surat Railway Station to undergo phased-makeover from Next Month

Surat Railway StationSurat: Surat railway station’s makeover would begin on January 1, 2016, with the Ministry of Railway issuing fresh tenders for the construction of mass transportation depot, commercial complexes and parking zones in the city. Some railway officials only wanted construction of new platforms and roofs over them and were opposed to any sort of complete makeover of the railway station, which delayed the project by several months.

Navsari MP C R Paatil said these officials were not in favour of a modern railway station in Surat. “They tried to stall the project by coming up with a partial development plan for the railway station. The Indian Railways had even floated tenders for it. However, we approached railway minister Suresh Prabhu and got them cancelled. Now, the railway station will see complete expansion and the work will begin from January 2016.” The complete makeover and development of the railway station will be undertaken in two phases.

The railway station building will have a 22-metre high roof which will have provision for solar panels too. There will be air-conditioned waiting lounges, kiosks and new platforms. The railway station will also include separate arrival and departure points for passengers and multi-level parking facilities for them.
The eastern side of the railway station is proposed to be developed first under phase I. The railway facilities will be relocated, parking and traffic will be diverted, subways and concourse/waiting areas will be constructed across the platforms.

The western side of the railway station will see reconstruction under phase II. Two platforms, including for DEMU, will be built along with parking facilities. A 30-metre long road on the eastern side is also proposed to be constructed. This will connect Varaccha Road with Lambe Hanuman Road and help reduce traffic chaos.