Sweeper stumbles upon 22 live bullets on Local in Western Railway yard

1875556Mumbai:  A Railway sweeper identified twenty-two live bullets in a pouch on a train in the Western Railway yard at Jogeshwari at 11.45pm on Friday.

Though the owner has not been identified yet, senior inspector Shivaji Shinde of the Government Railway Police said that the bullets possibly belong to a policeman whose pouch could have fallen off.

“The bullets of .38 calibre were found tucked in the pouch below the seats while cleaning a general compartment,” said Shinde.

Out of curiosity, the sweeper picked up the pouch and opened it. On seeing the bullets, he immediately informed his supervisor who summoned policemen from the Government Railway Police at Andheri.

Shinde said some armed police personnel traveling on the train could have accidentally dropped the pouch.

Shinde added that the railway police had sent out message through the wireless system to all police stations across the state to trace the person who had misplaced the pouch.