SWR announces Temporary Stoppage of Trains at Kanivehalli and Bisilehalli Stations on Mysore Division

HUBBALLI: South Western Railway has decided to provide temporary stoppage for Train No. 56271/56272, Shivamogga Town-Chikkamagaluru -Shivamogga Town Passenger and Train No. 56277/56278, Chikkamagaluru-Yesvantpur-Chikkamagaluru Passenger at Kanivehalli and Bisilehalli Stations on experimental basis for a period of six months with effect from 05th May, 2017 to 04th November, 2017.

Accordingly, Train No. 56271, Shivamogga Town-Chikkamagalur Passenger arrives/departs Kadur at 19:58/20:00 hrs., Bisilehalli at 20:11/20:12 hrs., Sakarayapatna at 20:19/20:20 hrs., Kanivehalli at 20:50/20:51 hrs. and reaches Chikkamagaluru at 21:20 hrs. Train No. 56272, Chikkamagaluru-Shivamogga Town Passenger departs Chikkamagaluru at 06:40 hrs. and arrives/departs Kanivehalli at 06:49/06:50 hrs., Sakarayapatna at 07:09/07:10 hrs., Bisilehalli at 07:25/07:26 hrs., Kadur at 07:38/07:40 hrs.

Train No. 56278, Yesvantpur-Chikkamagaluru Passenger arrives/departs Kadur at 20:25/20:30 hrs., Bisilehalli at 20:50/20:51 hrs., Sakarayapatna at 21:14/21:15 hrs., Kanivehalli at 21:31/21:32 hrs. and reaches Chikkamagaluru at 22:00 hrs. Train No. 56277, Chikkamagaluru-Yesvantpur Passenger departs Chikkamagaluru at 07:40 hrs. and arrives/departs Kanivehalli at 07:45/07:46 hrs., Sakarayapatna at 08:09/08:10 hrs., Bisilehalli at 08:20/08:21 hrs., Kadur at 08:50/08:55 hrs.

Temporary Augmentation of Trail with Additional Coaches

Train No. 22625/22626; Chennai–KSR Bengaluru–Chennai AC Double Decker Express is augmented temporarily with One additional AC Chair Car with effect from 04th May, 2017 to 30th June, 2017 from both end. The revised train composition will have 11 coaches instead of 10 coaches with Nine AC Chair Car coaches and Two Luggage-cum-Brakevan with Generator.