SWR carries out ‘Soft Skills Training Programme’ to the RPF Personnel

HUBLI: A.K.Gupta, General Manager of South Western Railway today inaugurated the 02 day training programme to impart training on ‘Soft Skills’ to RPF personnel for better interaction with the travelling public. The RPF personnel who have done commendable & outstanding work during the current year were also rewarded on the occasion.

In his keynote address, Gupta said that RPF is playing an important role in ensuring security, tackling theft related cases and helping passengers and guiding them. Modern equipments like CCTVs etc. are being provided at stations to ensure security. He expressed his happiness for conducting such training programme which will help in improving efficiency, performance and result in effective interaction with the public. He complimented the RPF for various good works done by them like rescuing unescorted children at Railway Stations etc. A special intensive campaign called Operation Nanhe Farishtey launched on 01st July, 2017 for helping child in distress. During its first 100 days of operation, rescued 505 children and women belonging to 18 different states.

As an innovative measure in train escorting system, the Operation Night Hawk Security System has been introduced over SWR in the year-2017 to prevent passenger related offenses and to create fear in the minds of criminals in which special teams escort the vulnerable trains and patrol sensitive stations over SW Railway. On an average RPF is escorting 35 trains over SWR daily.

As a precautionary measure to prevent crime against passenger and their belongings and to make sense of security in the minds of travelling public, a new approach called Live Train Monitoring Security System has been introduced. Control rooms of Divisions & Zone are monitoring and ensuring attendance of each and every train by maximum number of RPF staff.

RPF staff have been regularly interacting with passengers to understand the problems of passengers and conducting awareness about modus operandi of criminals etc. During the year 2017 (Up to November), RPF/SWR interacted with 9,49,870 passengers travelled in various trains over SWR.

Channamallikarjuna, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner welcomed the gathering. D.B. Kasar, Chief Security Commissioner proposed vote of thanks. Rakesh Mohan, Divisional Railway Manager; K.Shivaprasad, Principal Chief Commercial Manager; S.K. Albela, Principal Chief Personnel Officer and other Officers and staff were also present.


SNo. Name & Designation Remarks Category


1. 1. Debasmita Chattopadyay Security Commissioner/Rail Wheel Factory

2. Jaibeer Jadav, Sub Inspector/ Bengaluru Cantonment

3. Ramesh, Assistant Sub Inspector/ Train Escort Company/ Mysuru

4. Channabasappa, Assistant Sub Inspector /Hubballi

5. Ajeeth Kumar,Conastable/ Bengaluru

6. Poornima, Woman Constable/ Bengaluru.

7. R. Suresh, Head Constable/ Davangere

8. M. Prakash, Constable/Train Escort Company/Bengaluru

A special intensive campaign called Operation Nanhe Farishtey launched on 01.07.2017 for helping child in distress. During its first 100 days of operation, rescued 505 children and women belonging to 18 different states. Operation Nanhe Farsihtey
2 Washim Ahemed, Inspector/Crime Intelligence Branch/Hubballi The IPF and team apprehended 29 criminals who involved in Passenger offences. All were handed over to General Railway Police for further legal action and also he booked 06 cases under RP (UP) Act. Crime Intelligence in apprehension of criminals.
3 R. Suresh, Head Constable/Davangere


On 25/26.11.2017 while on escort duty by Tr. No. 56912 Hubbali – KSR Bengaluru passenger, Suresh, Head Constable/Davangere apprehended two suspected persons involved in Theft of Passenger belongings. Train Escorting
4. N. Narasimha Murthy, Constable/Shivamogga Town On 15.11.2017, N. Narasimha Murthy Constable / Shivamogga Town secured a bag containing gold ornaments and cash worth Rs. 3,44,500/- from Tr. No. 16227 KSR Bengaluru – Talaguppa Exp at Sagara Railway station and later handed over to genuine passenger. Recovery of leftover luggage.
5. N.T. Puttanavar, Constable /922/Hubballi On 30.10.2017 N.T. Puttanavar, Constable /922/Hubballi rescued two girls from being kidnapped for organ trade with arrest of lady kidnapper at Dharwad Railway station. Detection of kidnap case.
6. Jaibeer Jadav, Sub Inspector / Bengaluru Cantonment On 30.10.2017 Jaibeer Jadav, Sub Inspector / Bengaluru Cantonment along with staff at KSR Bengaluru Railway Station rescued a girl aged 15 yrs who has been kidnapped from Rajasthan after giving seduced drink. Rescue of kidnapped girl.
7. P.Prabhu Head Constable/Train Escort Company/Bengaluru During the month of October-2017 while on escort duty by Tr. No. 12657/58 KSR Begaluru – Chennai Mail P. Prabhu HC/TEC/SBC apprehended one offender with 7.436 kg of illegal transported gold valued approximately Rs. 1.96 crores. The same was handed over to Commercial Tax authorities; who imposed fine of Rs.12 lakh. Detection of Gold smuggling case.
8. P. Lingeshwaran, Head Constable / Rail Wheel Factory/Yelahanka During the annual range clarification of 2017, P. Lingeshwaran, Head Constable / Rail Wheel Factory/Yelahanka secured highest marks in firing over SWR. Best firer.