SWR continue running of Krishnarajapuram-Kacheguda-Krishnarajapuram WEEKLY SPECIAL

BANGALORE: South Western Railway has decided for continuation of Train No. 07603/07604, Kacheguda – Krishnarajapuram – Kacheguda Weekly Special with special fare to clear extra rush of passengers.

Train No. 07603, Kacheguda – Krishnarajapuram Weekly Special departs Kacheguda at 18:00 hrs. on every Sunday from 02nd July, 2017 to 24th September, 2017 (Total 13 trips) and reaches Krishnarajapuram at 06:00 hrs. on respective Monday.

Enroute, the train arrives/departs Jadcherla at 19:30/19:31 Hrs., Mahabubnagar at 19:48/19:50 Hrs., Gadwal at 20:54/20:55 Hrs., Kurnool Town at 21:50/21:52 Hrs., Dhone Town at 22:48/22:50 Hrs., Gooty Town at 23:35/23:36 Hrs. and on Monday arrives/departs Anantpur at 00:39/00:40 Hrs., Dharmavaram at 01:38/01:40 Hrs., Satya Sai Prasanthi Nilyam at 02:03/02:05 Hrs., Penukonda at 02:18/02:20 Hrs., Hindupur at 02:58/03:00 Hrs., Yelhanka at 05:00/05:05 Hrs.,

Train No. 07604, Krishnarajapuram – Kacheguda Weekly Special departs Krishnarajapuram at 22:30 hrs. on every Monday from 03th July, 2017 to 25th September, 2017 (Total 13 trips) and reaches Kacheguda at 11:15 hrs. on respective Tuesday.

Enroute the train arrives/departs Yelhanka at 22:58/23:00 Hrs., and on Tuesday arrives/departs Hindupur at 00:28/00:30 Hrs., Penukonda at 01:08/01:10 Hrs., Satya Sai Prasanthi Nilyam at 01:28/01:30 Hrs., Dharmavaram at 02:18/02:20 Hrs., Anantpur at 02:50:00/02:51 Hrs., Gooty at 04:0/04:01 Hrs. Dhone at 05:10/05:15 Hrs., Kurnool Town at 06:02/06:04 Hrs., Gadwal at 07:03/07:04 Hrs., Mahabubnagar at 08:20/08:22 Hrs., Jadcherla at 08:40/08:41 Hrs.,

The train Composition will have ONE AC 2-tier coach, THREE AC 3-tier coaches, EIGHT Second Class sleeper coaches, TWO Luggage-cum-Brakevan with Generator.