SWR takes a number of steps for the benefit of passengers


Railway has decided to introduce Train No. 17323/17324, Hubballi–Varanasi–Hubballi Weekly Express. The inaugural special will be flagged off by Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Railways through video link from Rail Bhavan, New Delhi at 15:00 Hrs. on 23.05.2017. Presently connectivity between Hubballi–Varanasi and Hubballi to Jabalpur is very limited and through 2 changeover points. In addition, this train will serve Vijayapura, Gadag region people by connecting to Hubballi/Solapur in suitable timings.

The regular service of this train will commence with effect from 28th May, 2017 from Varanasi end and 02nd June, 2017 from Hubballi end. Accordingly, Train No. 17323, Hubballi–Varanasi Weekly Express departs Hubballi on  every Friday at 17:50 Hrs. and reaches Varanasi on respective Sundays  at 11:55 Hrs. Enroute, the train arrives/departs Gadag at 19:15/19:35 Hrs., Badami at 21:08/21:10 Hrs., Bagalkot at 21:50/21:52 Hrs., Almatti at 22:56/22:58 Hrs.,  on  Saturday arrives/departs Vijayapura at 00:25/00:30 Hrs., Solapur at 03:00/03:10 hrs., Daund at 06:25/06:35 Hrs., Ahmednagar at 08:47/08:50 Hrs., Kopargaon at 10:58/11:00 Hrs., Manmad Jn. at 12:30/12:35 Hrs., Bhusaval Jn. at 15:10/15:20 Hrs., Khandwa at 18:10/18:15 Hrs., Itarsi Jn. at 21:20/21:30 Hrs., Pipariya at 22:30/22:35 Hrs., Narasinghpur  at 23:43/23:45 Hrs.,  and on Sunday arrives/departs Jabalpur at 01:20/01:30 Hrs., Katni at 02:37/02:42 Hrs., Maihar at 03:32/03:34 Hrs., Satna at 04:05/04:15 Hrs., Manikpur Jn. at 06:15/06:17 Hrs., Chheoki at 08:13/08:15 Hrs., Mirzapur at 09:33/09:35 Hrs..

In the return direction, Train No. 17324, Varanasi–Hubballi Weekly Express departs Varanasi on every Sunday at 21:05 Hrs. and reaches Hubballi on  respective Tuesdays at 13:00 Hrs. Enroute, the train arrives/departs Mirzapur at 22:43/22:45 Hrs., on Monday arrives/departs Chheoki at 00:30/00:32 Hrs., Manikpur Jn. at 02:03/02:05 Hrs., Satna at 03:10/03:20 Hrs., Maihar at 03:44/03:46 Hrs., Katni at 04:35/04:40 Hrs., Jabalpur at 06:00/06:10 Hrs., Narasinghpur  at 07:28/07:30 Hrs., Pipariya at 08:38/08:40 Hrs., Itarsi Jn. at 09:50/10:00 Hrs., Khandwa at 13:40/13:45 Hrs., Bhusaval Jn. at 15:20/15:30 Hrs., Manmad Jn. at 18:00/18:05 Hrs., Kopargaon at 19:48/19:50 Hrs., Ahmednagar at 22:27/22:30 Hrs. and on Tuesday arrives/departs Daund at 00:10/00:20 Hrs., Solapur at 04:10/04:20 hrs., Vijayapura at 06:45/06:50 Hrs., Almatti at 07:58/08:00 Hrs., Bagalkot at 08:48/08:50 Hrs., Badami at 09:15/09:17 Hrs., Gadag at 10:55/11:20 Hrs.

The train composition will have 16 coaches comprising of ONE AC–2 tier coach, ONE AC–3 tier coach, SIX Second class Sleeper coaches, SIX General second class coaches and TWO Second Class Luggage–cum–Brakevan with Disabled friendly compartment.

Revision in Train Timings

The timings of Train No. 56216/56215, Mysuru–Yesvantpur–Mysuru Passenger will be revised with effect from 22nd May, 2017. There is no change in existing train composition and days of service.

Accordingly, Train No. 56216, Mysuru–Yesvantpur Passenger departs Mysuru at 08:30 hrs. and reaches Yesvantpur at 15:30 hrs.  Enroute the train arrives/departs  Hassan at 11:15/11:20 hrs., Shantigrama at 11:34/11:35 hrs., Samudravalli at 11:48/11:49 hrs., Channarayapatna at 12:00/12:01 hrs., Shravanabelagola at 12:12/12:13 hrs., Hirisave at 12:29/12:30 hrs., B.G.Nagar at 12:48/12:49 hrs., Adichunchunagiri at 12:54/12:55 hrs., Yediyuru at 13:08/13:09 hrs., Siddapur at 13:14/13:15 hrs., Kunigal at 13:28/13:29 hrs., Thippasandra at 13:44/13:45 hrs., Solur at 14:01/14:02 hrs., Nelamangala at 14:19/14:20 hrs., Soldevanahalli at 14:32/14:33 hrs., Chikbanavar at 14:40/14:41 hrs.

In return direction, Train No. 56215, Yesvantpur–Mysuru Passenger departs Yesvantpur at 12:45 hrs. and reaches Mysuru at 20:00 hrs.  Enroute the train arrives/departs  Chikbanavar at 12:55/12:56 hrs., Soldevanahalli at 13:00/13:01 hrs., Nelamangala at 13:20/13:21 hrs., Solur at 13:37/13:38 hrs., Thippasandra at 13:53/13:54 hrs., Kunigal at 14:06/14:07 hrs., Siddapur at 14:17/14:18 hrs., Yediyuru at 14:23/14:24 hrs., Adichunchunagiri at 14:35/14:36 hrs., ., B.G. Nagar at 14:41/14:42 hrs., Hirisave at 14:59/15:00 hrs., Shravanabelagola at 15:13/15:14 hrs., Channarayapatna at 15:24/15:25 hrs., Samudravalli at 15:37/15:38 hrs., Shantigrama at 15:49/15:50 hrs., Hassan at 16:30/16:40 hrs.

There is no change timings between Hassan–Mysuru–Hassan.


Railway will provide temporary stoppage for the Train No. 12627/12628 KSR Bengaluru–New Delhi–KSR Bengaluru, Karnataka Express at Penukonda station on temporary basis for a period of six months from 27th May, 2017 to 26th November, 2017.  Train No. 12627 KSR Bengaluru–New Delhi, Karnataka Express arrives at Penukonda at 21:35 Hrs. and departs at 21:36 Hrs. Train No. 12628 New Delhi–KSR Bengaluru, Karnataka Express arrives at Penukonda at 10:15 Hrs. and departs at 10:16 Hrs.


Railway will provide one minute temporary stoppage for the Train No. 17603/17604 Kacheguda–Yesvantpur–Kacheguda Express at Maddikera station on temporary basis with effect from 27th May, 2017.  Train No. 17603 Kacheguda–Yesvantpur Express arrives at Maddikera at 03:00 Hrs. and departs at 03:01 Hrs. Train No. 17604 Yesvantpur–Kacheguda Express arrives at Maddikera at 22:25 Hrs. and departs at 22:26 Hrs.


Railway will provide experimental stoppage at Chinnakote Halt for the Train No. 66512 Marikuppam–KSR Bengaluru Passenger, Train No. 66514 Marikuppam–Baiyappanhalli Passenger, Train No. 66533, Marikuppam–Baiyappanhalli MEMU, Train No. 66516 Marikuppam–Bangarpet MEMU, Train No. 66513 Bangarpet–Marikuppam Passenger, Train No. 66511 KSR Bengaluru–Marikuppam Passenger, Train No. 66532 KSR Bengaluru–Marikuppam MEMU, Train No. 66515 Baiyappanhalli Marikuppam MEMU from 25th May, 2017 to 24th November, 2017.


Due to CC apron work at Vasco–da–Gama station, Train No. 56964/56963 Vasco-da-Gama–Kulem–Vasco-da-Gama Passenger is cancelled up to 25.05.2017.