SWR undertakes Modernization & Upgradation of passenger amenities – Hubballi/Mysore tops the list of Best Stations

SWR’s Modernization and Upgradation programmes of various passenger amenities at different Railway Stations during the last financial year led to achieving major milestones in various works at not only Hubballi, but at various Railway stations on the Zone.

HUBBALLI: Hubballi Railway station has recognized as best maintained major station of South Western Railway. During the year 2016-17 the following facilities have been provided to enhance Passenger amenities at Hubballi Station for the convenience of Rail users.

  1. As a part of modernizing the stations 2 nos. of escalators in up direction have been provided one each at Platform No.2/3 & Platform No.4/5.
  2. New PRS office has been shifted from Concourse to Basement/Commercial Block of Station building to avoid congestion & crowding at concourse for purchase of unreserved tickets in the last minute. In addition to reduce overcrowding and to comply the Budget announcement ‘Operation 5 Minutes’,  2  Coin operated Ticket Vending Machines (CoTVM) & 4 Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) have been provided in concourse for quick availability of unreserved tickets to passengers.
  3. In tune with the innovative of “Digital India” free Wi-Fi connectivity has been provided for passengers with Android mobile connection at Hubbali Station.
  4. Additional cover over Platform No.1 i.e. 48 m towards Dharwad end near Foot Over Bridge and 24 m towards Gadag end near subway has been provided during this year.  With this Platform No.1 is fully covered.
  5. To improve the aesthetics of stations, Murals have been provided at lower circulating area in front of the station building.
  6. For improving landscaping around the Station premises, Tree plantation drive has been initiated and saplings planted during Swachh Bharat abhiyan.
  7. As an initiative towards Swachh Bharat, Cement Concrete Apron has been provided at Platform No.4 at a cost of Rs.1.71 Crs. Work is in progress for Cement Concrete Apron on Platform No.5 also.
  8. For the convenience of Waitlisted/RAC passengers, digital display charts have been provided at the main entrance of the Platform No.1.
  9. To facilitate purified water for passengers at comparatively cheaper rate, Water vending machines have been provided at PF/ -1, PF – 2/3 (2 Nos.) & PF – 4/5 (2 Nos.). In addition, Cool drinking water hubs has been provided by Akhil Bharatiya Shri Rajendra Jain Nav Yuvak Parishad.
  10. Railway Budget announcement “Baby Care Corner” is available at Ladies Waiting room, Upper Class Waiting Room & Sleeper Class Waiting Room for the convenience of lady passengers with infants & babies.
  11. Child Care Protection has been started at PF No.1 by Social Organisation, Belgaum Diases Social Service Society, Dharwad, 24 x 7 with toll free No.1098.
  12. Urinals have been provided on PF No.1 (Gadag end), New PRS office and Parcel Office.
  13. Cloak Room facility has been provided at PF No.1.
  14. “Higginbothams” bookstall has been reallocated to PF No.1.

The following facilities are in the pipeline & planned to be provided shortly at Hubballi Station.

  1. Battery operated ferry cars for plying senior citizens and specially abled citizens will be operational soon.
  2. Second entry to Station from Gadag road side is also being planned.

With the purpose of modernising Railway stations & providing world class facilities, escalators and lifts are being provided at important stations for the convenience of Rail users over South Western Railway.

Total 10 Nos. of Escalators  are sanctioned for South Western Railway.  Out which, 9 escalators have been commissioned and 1 escalator installation at Platform No. 9/10 at Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru) Station is pending owing to Metro Work.  This escalator will be commissioned once the Metro Work is completed. Nine escalators which have been commissioned include Two  at Hubballi Railway Station on Platform No. 2/3 & 4/5, One at Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna  (Bengaluru) Station on platform No. 2/3, Four at Yesvantpur Railway Station  in which three  on Platform No. 1 &  one on Platform No. 6 and Two at Mysuru Railway Station on platform No. 1 & 6.

Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu inaugurating the Escalator at Yeswantpur Railway Station recently. In the picture, Shri Sadananda Gowda and Anant Kumar of BJP are also seen.

Each escalator is costing Rs. 116.78 Lakhs, including civil works such as providing covered shelter and pathway for the escalators.  The escalators are of state of art technology; its safety device is fully complying with international standard EEN-115.  The escalators have nominal step width of 1000 mm with 4 Nos. of horizontal steps on top and bottom of the escalator with nominal speed of 0.5m per second, keeping in view the convenience and comfort of the passengers.  The maximum carrying capacity of the escalator is 100 passengers per minute.  The escalators are of heavy duty reversible type and capable of operating safely, smoothly and continuously in both directions for a period of not less than 20 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Each step can carry 100 Kgs. of load.  The angle of inclination is 30 degrees.  The vertical height of each escalator is 5.8m. For the convenience of the passengers, foot light at the level of the stair has been provided in these escalators.

Total 12 Nos. of Lifts are sanctioned for SWR. Out of which 6 Lifts have been commissioned.  Six Lifts which have been commissioned include One at Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna  (Bengaluru) Station on platform No. 7/8,  Three at Yesvantpur on platform No. 2/3, 4/5 & 6 and Two at Mysuru Railway Station on platform No. 2/3 & 4/5.  Two Lifts at Hosapete Railway Station on Platform No. 1 & 2/3  and Two Lifts at Belagavi Railway Station on Platform No. 1 & 2/3 are  targeted to be commissioned by the end of June, 2017.  One lift at Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna  (Bengaluru) Station on Platform No. 1 and One lift at Yesvantpur Railway Station on Platform No. 6 will be commissioned by the end of May, 2017.

These lifts are of 20 passengers and 1360 Kgs. carrying capacity and have been provided with State of Art Technology with VVVF Drive system incorporating all safety features such as Automatic Rescue Devices, Door Sensor, etc. It is having carriage width of 1550 mm & height of 2200 mm and is provided with hairline stainless body with LED illuminated cabins with floor-wise annunciator working at a speed of 1.25m per second.  The approximate cost of provision of each lift is Rs. 46 Lakhs, including construction of lift well, flooring, ACP works etc.

These escalators and lifts  will be of  great help to senior citizens and Divyangs.

Indian Railways is constantly working on upgradation of stations and providing high speed transport at par with the best Railway networks. ‘Customer’ is the centre of all activities of Railways and passenger amenities are being upgraded to make the journey comfortable and enjoyable.

All efforts are taken to offer state of the art amenities at important  stations by providing escalators, lifts, battery operated cars, ramps, toilets, waiting halls, parking lots etc.  Attention is also given to improvements in station buildings, circulating area.  An amount of Rs.42.6 Cr was allotted for provision of Passenger amenities over SWR .

9 station buildings have been given a facelift by improving the station building and circulating areas.

To facilitate movement between platforms, one subway has been provided at Mysuru station connection all platforms.  In addition Foot over bridges (FOB) have been provided at 05 stations including extension of FOB at Bengaluru (ext PFNo.8-10).

To provide shade and cover during rainy season to the passengers PF shelters have been provided at 88 stations.

To accommodate longer trains and easy boarding/alightingtrains the length/height of 17 stations have been extended /raised.

For passengers waiting for trains 2879 benches have been provided at 14 stations. Toilet facilities have been provided at 22 stations. E-toilet commissioned at Mysuru.  Divyang friendly toilets have been provided at 11 stations.

To facilitate cleaner tracks, Cement Concrete aprons have been commissioned at 3 platforms (one at Bengaluru Cant. & 2 at Hubballi Stn.).

As part of modernisation of stations 9 escalators [Hubballi 2 Nos, Mysuru 2 Nos, Bengaluru 1 Nos, Yesvantpur 4 Nos] and 6 lifts [Bengaluru 1 Nos, Yesvantpur 3 Nos, Mysuru 2 Nos] have been commissioned at important stations..  It is further proposed to provide escalator on PF no.9/10 at KSR Bengaluru and lifts at 2 at Hospet, 2 at Belgaum & one at Bengaluru in 2017-18.

LED lighting have been provided at 25 stations and LED based name boards at 20 stations and 03 office buildings have been provided.

GPS based Double-sided Digital Clocks: A total of 93 No.s of GPS based double sided Digital Clocks have been commissioned during 2016-17.  Also GPS based Tower Clocks have been provided at Vasco da Gama and Dharwad(UBL Div) for precise time.

So far 101 Stations out of 297 have been provided with GPS based Double-side Digital Clocks.

Public Addressing System: Public Address System is provided at various stations to announce the arrival & departure of trains and other information pertaining to passengers. Auto Announcement System has been commissioned at 13 stations (3 No.s – SBC Div, 10 No.s – MYS Div) of SW Railway.

So far 88 Stations have been provided with Auto Announcement System in SW Railway.

Passenger Information System: Coach Guidance Boards have been commissioned at Kengeri  and Koppal during the Year 2016-17.

32 Stations are provided with Coach Guidance Boards and 29 stations are provided with Train Indication Boards out of 32 stations of Class A1, A & B of SWR.

Under the “Digital India” initiative, high speed network access has been provided at 4 stations at Bengaluru, Yesvantpur, Mysuru & Hubballi. 210 access points have been installed at these station to provided high speed  Wi-Fi to passengers.  Passengers waiting for trains can remain connected and carry on with their work.

Braille signage’s for the visually challenged passengers have been provided at Bengaluru station under Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by M/s Altius Realty.

Road Over Bridge/Road under Bridge for hassle free movement of road & rail traffic

Road Over Bridge (ROB) and Road Under Bridge (RUB) are being constructed for hassle free movement of road & rail traffic in addition to improve safety at level crossings. Accidents at unmanned Level crossing gates constitute major part of accidents in Indian Railways.   Elimination of Level Crossings by construction of ROB/RUB & LHS (Limited Height Subway) is a vital item towards “Mission Zero accident” and for improvement of overall safety.

During the financial year 2016-17, 27 level Crossings were eliminated by   construction of Road Over Bridge (12), Road under Bridge (15) and Limited Height subways by construction organization.

In addition, ROB/RUB & LHS were constructed to facilitate uninterrupted Rail & Road traffic and for safety at Level crossing.

Elimination of unmanned LC

Construction of RUB/Subway : 24

Construction of ROB : 00

By diversion : 3

By manning : 31

Closure of UNMLC (low TVU) : 7

Total : 65

Elimination of Manned LC

Construction of RUB/Subway : 34

Construction of ROB : 10

By diversion : 1

Total : 45

Construction of Subway / RUB and LROBs

Subway/RUB : 38

LROB : 1

Total : 39

Till 31.03.2017 Rs.159 cr. has been spent against allotment of Rs.157.67 cr.

Road Over Bridge/Road Under Bridge