SWR yet to adopt measures to protect animals coming on railway tracks

Belagavi: The South Western Railway (SWR) is yet to adopt measures to protect wild animals from coming under speeding trains. Railway officials attended a meeting with deputy conservator of forest and chief conservator of forest some weeks ago to evolve a concrete plan to mitigate animal killings on the Londa-Alnavar-Dharawad and Tinaighat railway track.

Railway officials are not keen on proposals like construction of an underpass bridge along the railway track to provide easy passage for animals which they see as an expensive affair.

The horizontal double track between Londa-Alnavar section is a corridor for bisons and gaurs. The railways has been asked to create awareness among passengers not to throw food along the railway track as majority of the killings have occurred due to wild animals being attracted by the leftover food thrown on the track.In February-March 2015 two gaurs were killed by speeding trains at Londa. In December 2015, another gaur was mowed down by a speeding train near Dharwad. It is estimated that about six gaurs have been killed between Londa- Dharawad and Londa-Tinaghat railway track.


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