Tap Water supplied on Platforms of Patna Jn healthier than branded bottled water: Study

पटना जं Patna Jn. (PNBE) Tap water supplied on Patna junction railway station platforms is healthier than most of the branded bottled water being sold there, a new study by a respected experts’ body has shown.

The Shree Krishna water and nutrient testing laboratory and research centre, popularly known as Shree Krishna Gyan Mandir (SKGM), come out with this startling revelation after conducting a series of physicchemical analysis of water being supplied on all the platforms of Bihar’s premier railway station.

The test on platform tap water was carried out on as many as 15 parameters and it was found much better in quality than many branded bottled water, said chief executive officer of Wash Institute, Kodaikanal, Prakash Kumar, at a function organized by environment focussed organisation, Taru Mitra, here on Sunday. Kumar said students under the leadership of Pravin Saurabh and Andrea Ulloa, a Mexican student, carried out the analysis of platform water and packaged drinking water in collaboration with Anant Kumar and Rajeev Ranjan of the Wash Institute at the SKGM laboratory. “Arsenic and fluoride content was found out to be much less than the permissible limit and the water had no impurities,” he added.

He also took pot shots at the advertisements saying that it created fear in subconscious mind of the families forcing them to install costly water purifier.

Claiming studies conducted by one Ajay Upadhyay, an independent water analyst, Kumar said many of the bottled water tested for purity were found to be containing pollutants. He, however, did not name the brand.

Kumar also sought to discourage use of bottled water when fresh water was available at an affordable cost. He further claimed that the test would be conducted at 450 different public sources of water in Bihar in the coming days.

The test would be conducted in phases while the next test of railway platform water would take place in monsoon as it bears the highest risk of contamination in this season.

“With the ever increasing demand of fresh water, people usually fall prey to the water mafias selling one machine after another claiming it to be better and fresher. Currently Bihar is facing the biggest challenge on this score”, he said