Tata Steel supplies rail to India and bridges to Sri Lanka

Tata Steel, with plants in South Yorkshire and Scunthorpe, is to supply 22,500 tonnes of rails to India’s Hyderabad metro railway and will be involved in supplying steel to Darlington Bridge to support the development of more than 200 bridges in Sri Lanka.
tataAnd the workers at the Scunthorpe Rail and Section Mill have delivered 99.2% of orders on time and in full during the last year, involving 142,000 tonnes of steel on 400 trains and almost 2,000 lorries.

The Hyderabad order will help create a railway with sharp curves and steep gradients, and will be achieved through the use of international expertise, says V B Gadgil, Chief Executive and MD of L&T Metro Rail in Hyderabad.

The first 5,000 tonnes of rail have already been shipped.

The Sri Lankan order will support the country’s infrastructure by replacing rope and timber bridges, often damaged by storms, with more robust steel structures. Darlington Bridge expects the work to last for three years.