Tatanagar Station: Old conditions back-to-square after departure of GM/SER

Tatanagar Jn (TATA): The earlier situation which was prevailing in and around the Tata Nagar Railway station premises was back to square one barely minutes after the departure of the General Manager of South Eastern Railway, Mr.Radheshyam.

One day before the arrival of the GM, the local railway administration and the railway protection force (RPF) officials sprang to action and took initiative to keep the station and the premises presentable.

The cleaning staff were pressed into service at the station. An order was also passed to remove vendors that have opened stalls on the footpath and auto rickshaws parked near the station premises blocking the free movement of bonafide passengers.

As soon as the GM departed from the Station the authorities took a sigh of relief and returned to their original self. The stalls were in their place again and the auto rickshaws were waiting for their passengers in front of the station.

Despite a sprawling ‘paid parking’ facility, motorists, especially auto-rickshaw drivers are parking vehicles recklessly. Sadly, the railway administration has failed to take action against traffic violators, said Sujit Ghosh, a city resident who could not park his vehicle due to reckless parking by auto-rickshaw drivers outside the railway station.