Tech-savvy Public Transport modes could soon be a Reality in India

With India trying to bring in efficient modes of public transport, NITI Aayog nodded to the development of Hyperloop, Metrino, Stadler Buses, Pod Taxis, Hybrid Buses and Freight Rail Road.

With India trying to bring in efficient modes of public transport, NITI Aayog has given its nod to the development of six tech-savvy modes of transportation namely Hyperloop, Metrino, Stadler Buses, Pod Taxis, Hybrid Buses and Freight Rail Road, a report said.

A six-member committee, headed by a former top official of the Railways, will look into the safety measures of these public transport systems. Sources told the Economic Times it will only be commercially launched once pilot tests prove to be satisfactory.

Officials said this can alter ‘the way of intercity travel in the country.’ New options are being explored so that the country resolves the growing traffic issue.

Here’s a look at how tech-savvy the upcoming public transport systems will be – 


These are driverless cars which are similar to pod taxis. The safety measures for metrino has been successfully tested, which means that there are possibilities of it being available to people by the end of this year. Officials also said metrinos are cost-effective as well.

Pod taxis

Pod taxis will be cable cars carrying a small group of 4-6 passengers. By the end of this month or by the beginning of August, pod taxis will be operational in Gurgaon. The Urban Development Ministry has claimed that since the pod taxi is part of the mass rapid transit system, it cannot be executed without the ministry’s clearances. But because the city falls under NH-8, the ministry has said it is the NHAI’s responsibility. According to earlier reports, six states will implement pod taxis.


Although hyperloop will take some time according to the officials, all the authorities associated with this development have given it a thumbs up. Hyperloop has successfully completed its first full system test in the United States and as soon as the global tech companies churn out safety measures, it is likely to come to India.

Hyperloop will connect cities. They are likely to be 30-metre-long pod-like vehicles which will be able to accommodate 40 passengers. Hyperloops are likely to travel at the speed of 1223 km per hour.

Stadler Buses

Stadler is a Swiss-rail company which is setting up manufacturing units in India. The company is well-known for building energy efficient rail coaches and locomotive manufacturing products. Hence, their buses would also cater energy-efficient and cost-effective buses

Freight Rail Road

Freight rail road will have elevated corridors. These will be built with rail lines and will also accommodate freight trucks and will move at high speed, reducing freight time and increasing freight quantity. The Indian Railways are considering to connect with countries for trade, Iran and Turkey,  via freight rail service. This development can help in transcontinental trade and serve to be cost-effective as well.

Hybrid buses

Hybrid buses are a combination of combustion and electric buses. These buses are being manufactured and Tata Motors has already launched two electric buses in India. They expect to manufacture at least 400 buses within a year. Hybrid buses are already functioning in London, Beijing, among other cities.