Thane Railway Police crime investigation lags behind

The Thane Railway Police has not only failed in controlling criminal activities in their jurisdiction but are also lagging behind in investigation of the registered cases, compared to 2011 this year cases solved were 3% less and also recovery done was 10% less compared to 2011. As per government records around Rs 1.75 Crores worth of goods were stolen of which not even 50% have been recovered. All these statistics clearly indicate that compared to last year the performance of Thane Railway Police has been dismal.
Thane Railway station is one of the busiest railway station falling on the Central Railway line. On a daily basis millions of people commute through this route and the station and its adjacent surroundings are always crowded, though there are enough security measures taken but still criminals get their activities done smoothly and elope away, all these cases are registered with Thane Railway police for investigation.
Thefts in local trains and express trains are pretty common. These crowded local trains are also hotspots for thieves and robbers who steal pockets, jewelleries and mobiles and mix in the crowd. Also, there are some filthy criminals who enjoy hurting the commuters on train by pelting stones etc, there are numerous such incidents where people are getting severely injured and are left handicapped.
Considering the rise in number of criminal activities, security forces are stationed everywhere but still the criminals are easily able to execute their crime which has created havoc in the lives of commuters. The only way to end this havoc is by putting all the criminals behind bars but the Thane railway police is sort of inefficient in doing so and also the recovery done on the thefts is also less which is pointing towards the efficiency of the Thane railway Police.
There are 13 railway stations falling under jurisdiction of Thane Railway Police which spreads from Diva to Kalmaboli, Thane to Diva and up till Airoli in the Harbour line. In the past 2 years there are numerous cases of thefts, robbery, rape, frauds, and chain snatching incidents and around Rs 1.75 Crores worth is been stolen of which not even 50% has been recovered which proves the inefficiency of the Police.
As per Railway records compared to 2011, 52 cases more were registered out of which there 229 cases are of theft and only 156 cases are been detected, of the 12 cheating cases only 1 case s been solved. Last year the amount of theft was worth Rs 1 crore wherein this year it has galloped to Rs 2 crores.