Celebrating 80 years of its Metro Rail, Moscow Metro at a Glance

Moscow is celebrating 80 years of its Metro Rail system. The service, one of the world’s largest metropolitan underground rail lines, is used by millions of people every day. Some 340 kilometres of track serve 200 stations in the Russian capital.  On the anniversary of the 1935 opening, vintage trains ran along stretches of the track and actors rode along, dressed in clothing from the period.

It’s not the speed, size, quantity and length, but “Quality” which matters.  If you want to provide public transportation system to a booming city, you better have quite a Metro Rail System for them.  But the consciousness should dwell at what quality the Metro Rail System should be brought up is pertinent here, since a Metro Railway System is an “Irreversible long term commitment” by the Governments now that lasts for centuries together!  So, lets learn from Moscow Metro..!

Boasting 189 station stops and covering 195 miles of track, Moskcovsky Metropliten, Moscow’s metro system, is more than up to the task. On an average day, the system sees 7 million people get from place to place.  But just as noteworthy as its function is its fashion. The stations are simply beautiful, put together with careful design and planning to make them comfortable and attractive.

Don’t be fooled by the ornate styling, though. Many stations were constructed to double as shelters for air raids or nuclear events. They’re deep below the ground and they’re built to last.  We wanted to take a look for ourselves and see what it’s like to get around Moscow by subway.  To give you an idea of what we’re dealing with, here’s a snapshot of the complete system of Moscow Metro:
Moscow-metro-mosaic-gold-art 52mtrodemoscoucopie dyn004_original_760_1013_pjpeg_2608032_c0c7b3798ae13e67b35b62ebae264cfc kievskaia1 Moscow-metro-mosaic-gold moscow-metro-station (1) cvdvnzrx Ìîñêîâñêèé ìåòðîïîëèòåí. Ñòàíöèÿ "Êèåâñêàÿ" 4.pusl_.Moscow.Metro4_ moscow-metro-1 00m-kievskaya-metro-station-moscow-02-12-12 7978690564_2ee066482e_z 158609692 Moscow-metro-russia-29792228-900-598 (1) 00k-heidelberger-platz-metro-station-berlin-02-12-12 In the Beautiful Underground Palace in Naryshkin Baroque - Arbatskaya Station - Tour of Moscow Metro curvy-moscow-metro_9 4511423847_moscow_metro_36258310951-36258440353_xlarge Moscow-Mayakovskaya-Metro-Station Moscow-Metro_1 moscow-metro-hall 149193238_6ce310d154_b (1) D2--03 Metro Stations in Moscow, Russia Moscow-Metro-Station DSC02155 moscow_metro_tour5 Museum_train_on_the_Moscow_Metro Moscow_Metro_21 metro-moscu-10 SDC11493 Metro1 metropolitana-di-Mosca-0001 Stitched Panorama hall-lady-3556 estacao-de-metro-da-russia Moscow-metro-russia-29792228-900-598 Moscow-Metro-VDNKh-1648 aphoto100281 1373267225_moscow-metro 149193238_6ce310d154_b moscowMetro4 (1) image006 Moscow-Metro-Train moscowMetro4 m6 202_Moscow-Subway Moscow_Metro_Arbatskaja Moscow_Metro