Third Instance of Derailment in 40 Days – Bangalore Division struggle to manage

Workers-repairingBangalore (SBC):  Railway Administration says “inexperienced loco pilots, allowed to shunt trains due to shortage of experienced staff, are causing frequent derailments at Bangalore City Railway Station, which in turn, is affecting the arrival and departure of trains”.

The derailment of two locomotives of Bangalore-Chennai Shatabdi Express early Sunday morning is the third such incident since November 24.

According to a source in the Railway department, the newly-recruited loco pilots should be given Learning Road (LR) training and checked for efficiency before being deputed as assistant loco pilots.photo_1710138g

The Railways is deputing them even before they complete training to shunt trains to the maintenance pits, the source said.

“The inexperienced loco pilots are unable to guide the trains in the loops and turn outs in the railway station,” the source remarked.

Allegation Denied

South Western Railways (SWR) General Manager P K Saxena denied the allegation and said, “There are different kinds of loco pilots. After necessary training, the loco pilots are deputed to assist experienced pilots who run the trains. Only such loco pilots are allowed to shunt trains at Bangalore City Railway Station. We will look into the incidents of derailments that have happened in the last three years and do whatever is necessary to eliminate or minimise them.”

The Incident

Both locomotives of Bangalore-Chennai Shatabdi Express derailed on the platform when the loco pilot overshot the signal and moved towards Platform Number 6 at the station at about 4.00 am on Sunday morning.

TKN goods train was stranded for more than an hour after efforts to reverse it, at Point No 55 of Yeshwantpur Railway Station at about 5.20 am, went in vain.

Trains Delayed

Chennai-Mysore Cauvery Express arrived at Platform Number 6 instead of 5 due to the derailment and its departure was delayed by more than 90 minutes.

The Shatabdi Express, supposed to leave Platform Number 6, was rescheduled to leave from Platform 1 and was delayed by 15 minutes.

Nanded-Bangalore Express and another train were  forced to wait for more than an hour and a half at Yeshwantpur Railway Station as the TKN goods train was stranded on the railway line leading to the City Railway Station.


Passengers, who came to  board the Chennai-bound Shatabdi Express, in the last minute, had to scurry to Platform Number 1, at quite a distance from Platform Number 6.

Railway officials could have minimised the inconvenience by rescheduling the train from Platform Number 5, adjacent to the train’s original boarding point.

Previous Incidents

  • Two coaches of Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express derailed and crashed into the compound wall of Mahatma Gandhi Railway Colony recently.
  • In the second week of December, one of the locomotives of Bangalore-Chennai Shatabdi Express derailed while entering platform No 6.