Three ‘Heropanti’ actors had a close shave with death on Railway Track

Patiala: Actors of an upcoming film narrowly avoided being mowed down by a train after an accident on railway tracks

What could have turned into a catastrophe was averted at the last minute, with three actors from Heropanti having a close shave with certain death. The car they were travelling in turned turtle in the middle of a railway track in Patiala. However, quick action prevented the cast members from being mowed down by a train.

The actors had been shooting in Patiala for their film and were returning to their hotel around midnight after wrapping up the day’s work. Onlookers say the SUV vehicle they were travelling in overturned when one of its tyres burst, sending the car hurtling on to the tracks. Says a unit member, `The drive back from the sets to their hotel room should have lasted 45 minutes. But it turned out to be a nightmare for them. It could have turned into a major accident.`

Actor Vikram Singh, who was sitting in the front seat of the car escaped unhurt, while his co-star Arun Verma received 12 stitches in his head. The other actor, Prashant Singh suffered from some internal injuries on his hand, while the SUV’s driver Vicky suffered from a major fracture in his hand.

Says Vikram, `We were all talking in the car and suddenly it happened. The car flipped over, banged on an electric pole and went flying onto the tracks. There were no lights on the road and I immediately informed the others about what had happened.” Fortunately, for them, another car from the sets was enroute the hotel, which drove them straight to the hospital. “Director Sabbir Khan reached the spot along with other crew members. After a day’s break, we resumed work.”