Track disrupted: ECoR Undertakes Massive Repair Work

Train services have been disrupted upto noon in Jagadalpur-Kirandul rail section of Kottavalasa-Kirandul (KK LIne) rail line under East Coast Railway jurisdiction since morning by the miscreants.

Four pieces of rails had been removed from the rail line between Dantewara and Kamlur stations of ECoR in Chhatisgarh since early morning and Over Head Electricity (OHE) had also been removed from the midnight of last day.

ECoR has cancelled 1VK/2VK Visakhapatnam-Kirandul-Visakhapatnam passenger from both the directions between Jagadalpur and Kirandul. Freight trains were detained enroute at different stations in KK line.

Sensing the problem as grave, East Coast Railway officials immediately put their men and machinery into operations and from early morning, hectic repair work was undertaken for early restoration of track.

The railway track between Bacheli & Bhanshi has been repaired at 08.10hrs, Kamlur & Dantewara at 08.20hrs and Bhanshi & Kamlur at 10.35hrs this morning and the OHE has been repaired at 11.50hrs today for normalisation of train movement.