Traffic Marshals outside railway stations to clear chaos

NEW DELHI: Troubled with congestion at the entrances of Delhi’s major railway stations, Northern Railways has now outsourced traffic marshals who will be stationed outside the New Delhi, Old Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin stations from Monday, officials said. The teams have been deployed to clear unauthorised vendors and hawkers, prevent traffic jams in the vicinity and also assist people in parking their cars.

Railway officials said that initially 76 marshals will be deployed at the three stations with 34 at New Delhi, 26 at Old Delhi and 16 at Hazrat Nizamuddin. However, their numbers will be increased if required. “They will be deployed in two shifts and both entrances of the three stations are being covered at present. Based on their findings, we can increase the manpower or make changes as required,” said a senior railway officer.

RN Singh, divisional railway manager of the Delhi division, said that the team has also been particularly asked to keep an eye out for vendors or anti-social elements that may be creating trouble nearby. “Their job is to clear the parking and circulating area of the station and ensure that there are no traffic jams. We have asked them to inform the RPF or the GRP directly if they spot someone suspicious, and this will give us additional security,” said Singh.

Northern Railways in March had also held a meeting with the lieutenant governor, asking for directions to ensure congestion is removed from the station entrances. The meeting was also attended by the traffic police and corporations.

“We have written to the corporations and police for stricter action. However, street vendors return to their spots in a few days after being removed. We are deploying these marshals so that they are unable to return,” said an official.