Tragedy averted as Bogies separate from moving Train

Nagpur (NGP) Passengers on board Ramnagar-Bandra Express had a narrow escape when two bogeys got separated from the train hurtling towards Kannauj at a speed of around 60-70 km per hour late on Saturday night. A probe has been ordered into the incident that occurred on the Farrukhabad railway line falling under the jurisdiction of the North Eastern Railway.

According to reports, train number 19062 arrived at Kanpur Central two hours behind schedule. After the electrical engine of the train was replaced by a diesel one, the train started its onward journey.

However, after travelling a few kilometres, the coupling of the train gave way dissecting the train into two parts near IIT-Kanpur crossing.

The train guard was the first to notice the incident. He immediately informed the train driver who brought the train to a halt. After being informed NER officials rushed to the spot to take stock of the situation. The train began its onward journey towards Kannauj after the coaches were reattached.

The incident also brought the vehicular traffic to a halt as the railway crossing gates remained closed for more than two hours owing to the incident. Even the train movement on the route was affected.

The Farrukhabad railway tracks were cleared after the two parts were connected and the train started its onward journey.