Train Operations in Kusunda–Sonardih of Dhanbad–Chandrapura section to be opened for Rail Traffic

NEW DELHI: Dhanbad-Chandrapura Railway line of Dhanbad Division of East Central Railway is passing over coal bearing area of Jharia Coal Field. The operation of passenger and goods traffic on the line was stopped w.e.f. 15.06.2017, on the report of Director General of Mine Safety (DGMS). Subsequently, on the certificate from DGMS, different sections of the line between Dhanbad-Kusunda, Sonardih-Chandrapura & Katrasgarh-Nichitpur link line were opened for traffic between June to November 2017.

Recently, authorization for reopening of the remaining section for goods & passenger trains between Kusunda- Sonardih has been received from Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety, after joint inspection with DGMS. Some works have been identified for repair and rehabilitation of this line. After completion of these works, the section will be opened for traffic by East Central Railway.