Training for Indian Railway Officers’ kicks-off in Beijing

बीजिंग Beijing: The first batch of the 100 Indian Railway officials, who are to receive training in heavy-haul technology in China, has begun their 12-day coaching at the Jiaotong University here.

The inauguration ceremony for training in the heavy-haul technology for the 22 officers from the Indian Railway was held at Beijing Jiaotong University yesterday, an Indian Embassy press release issued here on Tuesday said.

The 12-day training programme, which is being conducted by Beijing Jiaotong University under the supervision of National Railway Administration of China, is the first step in the cooperation envisaged by India and China in the MoU and Implementation Plan on Cooperation in Railways.

The training involving 100 Indian officers will lay emphasis on on site training covering operational and maintenance facilities, monitoring systems and traffic controls.

Four more batches from Indian railway officials will be trained at the Beijing Jiatong University in heavy-haul technology in the next two years, the press release said.

The training was part of the MoU signed during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to India in September this year.

Under the MoU, China will do a free feasibility study for a high-speed train corridor. India has chosen the Delhi- Chennai route for this study.

India currently is considering two corridors for high- speed trains.

While Japan is conducting feasibility study for the Bullet train project in Mumbai-Ahemdabad corridor, China will do the same for the Delhi-Chennai route which is expected to begin by early next year.

If materialised, the Indian bullet train project is a major gain for China which is making an aggressive pitch to market its high speed train technology outside the country.

Besides the high-speed train, India and China have agreed to cooperate to identify the technical inputs required to increase speed on the existing railway line from Chennai to Mysore via Bangalore.

Under the September agreement, China will also cooperate in setting up a Railway University in India.

Strengthening ties

The training is being imparted under the supervision of the National Railway Administration of China. It would be followed by the training of four more batches within a two-year span. The programme follows the signing of the Sino-Indian Memorandum of Understanding and Implementation Plan on Cooperation in Railways during the September visit to India of the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Infrastructure boosting

India and China are already working together on a feasibility study of a high-speed rail link between Delhi and Chennai. China is also establishing two model railway stations in Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar.

Besides, the Chinese are working with their Indian counterparts to increase train speeds that includes modification of existing tracks, between Chennai and Mysore, which will pass through Bengaluru.