Trains for Jaipur Metro to be given by Delhi very expensive

Jaipur: The contingency plan for the operation of trains on the Metro route will be a costly affair too. According to the sources, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has agreed to supply the tested three trains to the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) for ferrying the passengers, but these trains are likely to be purchased.
A train costs around Rs8-10 crore, therefore Rs30 crore could be spent on the purchase.
Also, there is strong possibility that the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation can returns the trains by paying the to-and-fro transport fee of the trains and when the trains meant for Jaipur project start operation.
NC Goel, CMD with the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, said that no decision has been made over the purchase of these trains yet. Metro mess only two trains to be avilable in the initial run. So, passengers will get a ride once in 15 min instead of 6 min.
Despite delay in Metro works, the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) has decided to run two trains in July month and start ferrying services for the passengers. The passengers will have to wait for long to get a seat in the Metro trains because of lower frequency of the trains.
As per the direction of UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal, the JMRC would be supplied with three trains from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). The minister charted this contingency plan because 10 trains which are scheduled to be delivered for Jaipur Metro project in a couple of months will need to be tested for safety clearance. And two to three months will be consumed in some other works.
During all this, the elevated track will not remain unoccupied as the two trains, which will be transported from Delhi, are supposed to start plying in July.
These trains are already tested and only need to be put on the track for operation. But the two trains will not be able to meet the expectations of the people.
As initially, there would be only two trains, so their frequency will be very low. Sources said that the frequency between two trains will be of around 12-15 minutes. Thus, people willing to board the Metro will have to wait for up to 15 minutes. The trains will run at a speed of 32-kilometre per hour. As per the detailed project report drafted by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), the peak hour frequency has been set at six minutes while the lean hour frequency is from 8 to 15 minutes. The peak hour has been decided to take up to three minutes in future.
Sources added that the lowest frequency will trouble the passengers for a couple of months (July-August) only. Later when testing of new trains would be complete, the frequency will go up considerably.
“The headway will remain 12 to 15 minutes when the two trains get operational. Later, it would be reduced up to 3-5 minutes when the headways are increased,” said Anil Singhal, deputy chief engineer with the DMRC.