Trichy Railway Administration appeals General Public to cooperate with the Gatekeepers at the Manned Gates

TIRUCHCHIRAPPALLI: Keeping in view the safety of passengers and public, Railway Administration vehemently appeals general Public to co-operate with the Gatekeepers at the Manned Gates and allow the Gatekeepers to discharge their duties smoothly. The gates are being kept closed at the manned level crossings in order to ensure safe passage of trains and safety to the road users as well. In view of the ongoing engineering works at various sections, at times the closure of gates takes maximum up to 20 minutes.

In the recent past several cases of assault, threatening and manhandling of the Gatekeepers at the manned gates by public, mobs and unidentified persons have been recorded/registered at various places by the Division. In some of the incidents, cases have also been filed under the local Police stations. In view of these incidents, road users are requested to maintain calmness, help and co-operate with the working of Gatekeepers for public safety.

Warning indication light & hooter are also provided at manned level crossing gates and a Gatekeeper is also present. Though railway has taken the above safety precautions at the manned LCs, road vehicles frequently damage the gate barriers which could lead to serious accidents endangering the life of passengers, results in loss of railway property and the trains have to be piloted by the Gatekeeper. This is time consuming and affects punctuality of trains. The vehicle users are also punishable for the offence.

Hence, Railway Administration vehemently appeals to general Public and seeks the cooperation of the road users in following the extant safety procedures to ensure railway safety as well as their safety.