TTE charged with harassing woman go on flash strike, train delayed

MADURAI: Traveling Ticket Examiners (TTE) of Southern Railway Mazdoor Union (SRMU) went on a flash strike on Sunday after news spread that one of their members was held on charges of harassing a woman passenger. However, they said he was detained based on a false complaint by a woman, who failed to produce identity card, which is mandatory while traveling.

Due to the strike, Vaigai Express and Tuticorin Express departed from Madurai without TTEs. The strike was called off later after the higher officials from the division intervened and negotiated. According to the branch secretary of SRMUS Mohan Kumar, the TTE Thangavel demanded identity card from the woman Laksha Iswariya of Trichy, who was travelling from Chennai to Trichy in Kanyakumari Express on Saturday. However, she failed to produce the card and was fined for it.

When the train reached Trichy, the TTE was forced to alight from the train and was taken to railway police station. He was detained in the station based on the allegations made by the woman.

The strike was withdrawn after higher officials from the division assured action against the police, who detained the TTE, said Mohan Kumar.

The railway police officials at Trichy said the TTE was detained after the written complaint filed by the woman. “The woman said that even after paying the fine amount, the TTE had verbally abused her all along the journey,” a police official said. The passengers supported the woman and forced the police officials to alight the TTE from train.

He later apologised for his action and was allowed to go, police sources said. Due to the issue, the Kanyakumari Express delayed in Trichy station for over 40 minutes, they said