Turkish State Railways to announce record tender for purchase of 106 new trains

Turkish State Railways will announce a record tender of TRL 6 billion in a bid to buy new trains. Mr Suleyman Karaman director of TSR said that “The tender will include a total of 106 train units. As it is such a big tender we will include the condition of establishing a train factory in Turkey and impose a 51 percent minimum local purchasing condition.”

Mr Karaman said that the tender had passed the Development Ministry’s approval and was awaiting a last green light from the Council of Ministers, adding that the German giant Siemens and a number of Italian firms were showing interest in the tender. We are planning to organize the tender in two or three months.

Mr Binali Yıldırım transport minister of Turkey announced last month that at least 2,500 kilometers of high speed rail line would be built in the next five years to connect 14 different cities.

Regarding the under construction Istanbul Ankara high speed railway, Karaman said that once the new rail lines were built and the trains were operational, they would adopt a price policy cheaper than planes and more expensive than buses noting that plane tickets varied between TRL 80 and TRL 400.