TUV Rheinland participates in Asia Pacific Rail 2016

TUVHong Kong: TÜV Rheinland participated in Asia Pacific Rail 2016 at Hong Kong Exhibition Center, the most influential and professional conference and exhibition in the region for the railway industry.

The theme of TÜV Rheinland‘s exhibition booth this year was cybersecurity. With the current fast growth of high technology, system operation and information transfer across areas or even across countries rely heavily on the Internet. Cybersecurity, therefore, becomes very important in people’s daily life. It is also a challenge that requires significant attention from railway and metro operators while hacking and signaling interference are everywhere.

To pinpoint this, TÜV Rheinland’s expert delivered a speech during the conference and emphasized the importance of cybersecurity to the transportation industry, especially the railway sector. He shared with audiences the best practices in various countries, provided a glimpse of future trends and also demonstrated vividly how TÜV Rheinland solutions can support clients in achieving their goals. These topics drew attention from the audience and created discussions among them.

In addition, TÜV Rheinland specially launched five railway safety expert posters and videos at booth E08 to allow visitors to better understand safety solutions. These posters and videos provided a new angle from which viewers can understand engineers professionalism and how we make clients more successful. Many visitors stayed to watch the examples which highlight one of TÜV Rheinland’s core beliefs that ‘What is invisible still matters’.

TÜV Rheinland Rail Sciences, Inc. is one of the rail industry’s premier consulting firms specializing in the application of highly analytical skills to rail issues. With extensive experience with safety regulations and standards around the world, TÜV Rheinland experts can help companies bring their railway operations into compliance with relevant requirements. TÜV Rheinland railroad testing services include programs for addressing all components of Railway Technology, including materials analysis, component evaluations, and failure analysis. TÜV Rheinland have also acquired a railroad test car capable of performing over-the-road field testing of rail vehicles and rail components.

TÜV Rheinland flexibility, experience and technical expertise, has successfully resulted in a steadily growing client base, which today includes several of the major domestic freight railroads, short line, transit and passenger railroads, leading local and international suppliers, international railroads and government agencies.


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