Two trains on one track; tragedy averted in city

Lucknow: A major accident was averted at Daliganj railway station on Sunday morning when two trains came on the same line, just seconds away from collision. The negligent driver had jumped the signal but realised his mistake in time and braked. Railways said there was no casualty and the movement of trains on the route was not affected.

Lucknow-Bareilly Rohilkhand Express was stationed at platform number 2 when the driver of Sitapur-Aishbagh passenger jumped the signal and entered the same line. Daliganj is a two-line railway station. The driver’s negligent act could have led to a major train tragedy.

Taking note of the serious lapse on the part of its staff, Railways has suspended the passenger train driver and his assistant along with two loco inspectors. A probe has been ordered. “Daliganj station has manual signalling and loco inspectors should have alerted the drive about the presence of a train on the line,” said North Eastern Railway (NER) PRO Alok Srivastava.

Senior NER officials, including DRM Lucknow Anoop Kumar, visited the site.

The incident happened due to Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD) by the driver. Even when the signal was red, an indication that train should not enter the line, driver ignored it and took the train on the line where Ruhelkhand Express was stationed.

The accident could have caused huge damage to the railway property and disrupted movement of trains. In incidents of signal overshooting, trains often derail or their engines are damaged beyond repair resulting in loss of life and property.