Unions to go for Secret Ballot on Railway Strike in SECR

Nagpur Road (NPRD): The recognized South East Central Railway Men’s Congress (SECRMC), affiliated to National Federation of Indian Railways (NFIR), will go for a secret ballot in the Nagpur division on Friday and Saturday.

The secret ballot is being conducted over charter of demands the two leading unions of Indian Railways – All India Railway Federation (AIRF) and NFIR – had submitted to the ministry of railways. The railways employs 1.4 million people and most of them belong to these two unions.

Pitamber Laxminarayan, joint general secretary and divisional coordinator, said the employees are frustrated over failure to get fulfilled various demands.

Laxminarayan said that the main demands include setting up VII pay commission. Others include removing anomalies in pay while implementing VI pay commission report, which also requires revision of the pay scale for various categories.

SECRMC leader demanded abolition of new pension scheme and statutory guarantee for new pension subscribers, besides entitlement to pension and other benefits for casual workers in continuous service for 20-25 years.

The other demands include curbs on surrendering posts, changing duty hours from 12 to 8, stop productivity linked bonus and pay as per salaries and filling up of vacancies. “If the employees go on strike railways will be put to loss of over Rs350 crore per day,” union leaders said.