Urdu Rail Map of Mumbai launched on Id-ul-Fitr by a Hindu faculty from IIT-Bombay

Mumbai Urdu MapMumbai: Prompted by a request from an employee of a printing shop that printed the Mumbai Rail Map (MRM) in different languages for the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B), the Industrial Design Center (IDC) granted the employees’ request by launching the MRM in Urdu on Id-ul-Fitr.  Surprisingly, the faculty who developed the Urdu map of Mumbai Metro Rail belongs to an orthodox Hindu family.  This speaks of oneness of the nation in a vastly diversified country like India.

Prof Mandar Rane, a faculty of visual communication at IDC, IIT-B who, along with his students Jaikishan and Snehal, designed the first Metro Rail Mumbai map to make it easier for Mumbaikars to commute and navigate the rail network said that it was an extension of the work that they done initially but very challenging.

“Mumbai suburban rail is one of the busiest rapid transit systems in the world operating more than 2,000 train services and carrying more than seven million passengers daily. MRM plays a critical role in providing travel related information to commuters. It helps them navigate the rail network better by guiding them and help make informed decision prior to their journey. The first version of MRM was released on December 2013 in English and following several requests for MRM to be designed in Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati they too were subsequently released,” said Prof Rane. MRM is an initiative of ministry of human resource development and IIT Bombay.