Various Zonal Railways cancels Passenger and Express Trains due to Harda Twin Train Mishap

trains cancelledIndian Railways on Wednesday cancelled many passenger trains originating from different stations under various Zonal Railway systems due to train mishap on Khandwa-Itarsi route in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. At least 28 persons were killed in the mishap and many injured.

The five divisions of East Central Railway (ECR) have curtailed train movement. ECR CPRO Arvind Rajak said though most of the passengers killed in the mishap belonged to Madhya Pradesh, the train, Rajendra Nagar Terminal-Lokmanya Tilak Express (13201) originated from Patna on Monday night. The victims were travelling in the general coach of the train, he said.

The trains cancelled include Lokmanya Tilak-Raxaul Express (15268), Rajendra Nagar Terminal-Lokmanya Tilak (13201), Rajendra Nagar Terminal-Lokmanya Tilak (12141-2142) and Bhagalpur-Lokmanya Tilak (12335), Rajak said, adding Lokmanya Tilak-Bhagalpur Express (12336) and Lokmanya Tilak Express-Jaynagar Express (15548) would also remain cancelled on Thursday.

Central Railway has rescheduled several trains from CST and LTT from Mumbai on August 6 due to diversion in routes and late arrivals of many on-coming trains. The Trains cancelled/rescheduled are: 15017 LTT-Gorakhpur Express via Allahabad scheduled departure 6.35 am is rescheduled at 12.15pm; 12336 LTT-Bhagalpur Express scheduled departure 8.05 am is rescheduled at 9.15pm; 12542 LTT-Gorakhpur Express scheduled departure 11.10 am is rescheduled at 5.25pm; 12534 CST-Lucknow Pushpak Express scheduled departure 8.20 am on is rescheduled at 2.20pm; 12171 LTT-Haridwar AC Express scheduled departure 7.55 am is rescheduled at 3.50pm.

Likewise, South Central Railway have cancelled the following trains in view of derailment of Train No. 11071 LTT Mumbai-Varanasi Kamayani Express and Train No. 13201 Rajendra Nagar Patna – LTT Mumbai Janata Express on Khandwa-Itarsi section of West Central Railway (due to heavy rain and breaches on track) on 4th August, 2015, the following trains are Diverted/Cancelled as detailed below.

Train Cancelled on 6th August

  1. Train No. 12485 Nanded- Shri Ganganagar Express is cancelled.

Trains Diverted on 5th August, 2015

  1. Train No.12627 Bangalore City-New Delhi Express.
    • Scheduled Route of the train:- via Dharmavaram, Wadi, Manmad and Itarsi.
    • Diverted route of the train :- via Bhusaval, Nagpur and Itarsi.

Train No.12628 New Delhi – Bangalore City Express.

  • Scheduled Route of the train:- via Itarsi, Manmad, Wadi, and Dharmavaram.
  • Diverted route of the train :- via Mathura, Kota, Surat and Jalgaon.

Train No.12716 Amritsar – Nanded Express.

  • Scheduled Route of the train:- via Itarsi, Khandwa, and Manmad.
  • Diverted route of the train :- via Itarsi, Nagpur, and Bhusaval.

Trains Diverted on 6th August, 2015

  1. Train No.12715 Nanded- Amritsar Express.
    • Scheduled Route of the train:- via Manmad, Itarsi, and New Delhi.
    • Diverted route of the train :- via Manmad, Jalgaon, Surat, Kota and Mathura.