Vodafone India to offer in-rail 3G services on Ahmedabad-Mumbai route in Shatabdi

अहमदाबाद Ahmedabad (ADI): India’s No.2 telco seeks to engage commuters with seamless 3G data services between Ahmedabad and Mumbai Central on the train, the company said in a statement.

“Thousands of our customers who travel to Mumbai can enjoy continued connectivity, stay informed and entertained through the duration of their journey on the super-fast Shatabdi Express,” said Brajesh Bajpai, Business Head – Gujarat, Vodafone India. “It is a great platform to get our message across to an estimated 300,000 eye-balls each day along its route.”

Earlier in 2013, the Indian Railways launched free Wi-Fi-based Internet services on New Delhi – Howrah Rajdhani train.