Water woes leave Mysore railway station stinking

The Mysore railway station, which was named the most tourist friendly recently, is stinking as the taps in the toilets and platforms have been dry for the last four days.

Mysore City Corporation has not been able to supply water to the station due to scarcity in the reservoirs.

Authorities have now been forced to lock the retiring rooms at the station. Many commuters are buying food and water from restaurants outside the station as eateries on the platforms have become filthy. Purushotham, a passenger, said officials have failed to tackle the problem and expressed fears that it could lead to an epidemic as thousands of passengers use the station daily.

Dry taps have not only affected the stalls and retiring rooms but also over 500 houses in the railway quarters. With even borewells dry, a resident of the quarters said, “I had to use the nearby handpump to fetch 30 buckets of water in the wee hours.”

To meet the requirement of thousands of gallons of water for the station, quarters and railway offices, an official said they plan to run water special trains to bring in water, store it and ration it for a couple of weeks or till the situation improves after the rains.

Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Anup Dayanand Sadhu said they have not received water from the Mysore City Corporation for the past three days. He said they have decided to turn to private tankers to meet the requirements. They had held a meeting to draw up a contingency plan. Vani Vilas Water Works AEE Natraj said water supply has been hit as pumping at Hongahalli pumping station was affected due to a fall in the water level. He said they were supplying water to a few localities on alternate days and hoped the situation would improve after commissioning of emergency pumps.