WB government’s help urged for completing East-West metro

Minister of State for Railways Adhir Chowdhury today urged the West Bengal government and the public representatives to come forward and help in the completion of phase I of the East-West Metro corridor.

Chowdhury said the state government should shed its ego and come forward as the East-West Metro project would be a feather in its cap.

“The work of the East-West Metro project is going on fine. But if the (state) government and the public representatives come forward and help then it would be much better,” said Choudhury after visiting the East-West Metro project work here.

Choudhury cited the example of Trinamool Congress MLA Paresh Pal, who had helped in solving land problems for East West Metro project at Swabhumi.

“Paresh Pal had helped in solving the land problem in Swabhumi. So if other public representatives also come forward then it would be of great help. There is no place for ego, if the project comes up successfully then it would be a feather in state government’s cap only,” said Choudhury.

Choudhury, who was on a site visit, faced series of protests from those who have refused to give away their land for the project.