WCR imposes penalty against Marketing Federation for failing to unload Onions

JABALPUR: Height of apathy on the part of marketing federation has come to fore after the railway administration has imposed penalty of Rs 50 lakh against wharfage demurrage. The penalty has been imposed by the railways that has exposed the level of preparedness of marketing federation who are unable to unload the onions in the goods trains stationed at railway siding has accounted for escalating price of onion.

Besides this, has exposed the cause behind the surging prices of onion in Jabalpur and its surroundings areas in view of the fact that had the onion unloaded from the railway siding would have given no scope for black marketers to create artificial dearth of onion that eventually accounted for steep rise in the price of onion from Rs 10 to present rate of Rs 40 per kilogram.

Reportedly, six goods laden with onion had reached Jabalpur and were stationed at railway siding at Kachpura. Out of six goods train four were unloaded after the stipulated time of 9 hours duration. In view of delay accounted in the unloading of onion from the wagons that exceeded from the stipulated time frame the railway administration has imposed penalty on the marketing federation.

It may be recalled here that in view of bumper crop of onion, trains laden with onion were being sent to Jabalpur by trains. Despite the fact, that huge quantity of onion had arrived at Jabalpur, the proven apathy of concerned department to unload the onion from the goods train accounted for escalating price of onion.

Besides this, large quantity of onion due to delay in unloading got perished this made the traders to distance themselves from taking onion from the concerned department. The delay in unloading the onions from the wagons has crossed the stipulated time frame of 9 hours maximum permissible limit. Reportedly, after repeated intimations given by the railways the onion was finally unloaded from the wagons.

The time lapse in the unloading of onion reached on average of 50 hours duration. Apparently the fault on the part of concerned department has not only proved costly to the Government but has proved bitter experience for people have been forced to procure onion at high price. As per law of railway transportation any consignment if not unloaded the railway imposed penalty in form of wharfage demurrage and at Kachpura railway siding where 6 goods trains laden with onion arrived the concern department vested with the responsibility to unload the onion within stipulated time did not bother to unload the consignment of onion.

The onions in the process of delay have perished badly and have become inconspicuous for traders to procure from the government warehouse. According to rule the wharfage demurrage is to be given by the transporter, but the railway asserted that as the consignment reach the destination there does not arise of any penalty therefore the penalty has been imposed on the agency.

Meanwhile, the imposition of wharfage demurrage penalty by railway has exposed the artificial dearth created by traders to mint money by high price of onion despite the fact that huge stock of onion has eventually perished