Western Railway develops GPS location Tracking Solution to determine Speed & Location of Disaster Management Trains

MUMBAI: In a series of unique innovations, Western Railway has developed a GPS based location tracking solution to determine the precise location and speed of Disaster Management Trains. The system has been implemented in all Accident Relief Trains (ART), Accident Relief Medical Equipment (ARME) and Self Propelled Accident Relief Trains (SPART) of Mumbai division of Western Railway. Earlier, it was always a challenge to know the actual location of Relief trains during the movement of Accident Relief Equipment to accident/disaster sites.

According to a press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, this tracking system provides an automated solution with real time location and speed tracking, recording and traceability. The recording is independent of GSM signals as the tracker obtains the location directly from satellite. The data is from GPS and hence undisputable. The tracking system is installed in all the Accident Relief Trains/Accident Relief Medical Equipment of Mumbai division at Udhna, Valsad, Bandra, Nandurbar.

The system comprises of:

  • A PT08 vehicle GPS tracker blue
  • GPS + LBS(network) dual locating
  • Inbuilt Geo-sensor
  • Inbuilt Li ion battery(400 mAh)
  • 24 V power supply
  • Angle data uploads and data storage

The important information that can be derived from this system are, speed and location of the ART/ARME – On Real Time basis, GPS Tracker records location independent of GSM and a replay of actual movement with precise speed-time-location mapping is available later. The location overlap with Google Maps allows determining the closest/fastest road approach. The installation of the system is very simple. It uses a mobile charging point provided in the Rolling Stock. The mobile based app is universally accessible and the tracker should be switched on all times. The installation is not only easy but cost effective too with one time cost of the equipment of Rs.7900 only. With this innovation, Western Railway is truly moving in the direction of Digital India.