Western Railway gets tough on ticketless travellers and beggers in Railway areas

AHMEDABAD: In an effort to provide better service to passengers, Western Railway has come down heavily on the illegal travellers and touts. In a bid to stamp out ticketless travellers and touts, Western Railway conducted regular raids at Ahmedabad railway station and recovered more than Rs 7.5 crore in April.

The summer vacations have caused huge demand for tickets and almost all trains are full during this period. This is consequently also peak time for ticket touts. They book tickets in bulk to sell them later in black at great inconvenience to travellers.

Western Railway conducted regular checks in April and 1,78,235 cases of ticketless/irregular travel including unbooked luggage cases were detected. This resulted in a recovery of Rs 7.45 crore. Similarly, more than Rs 6 lakh was realized from 620 cases of illegal transfer of reserved tickets.

In recent times, Western Railway has got stricter in handling of touts and illegal travellers. More than 150 raids were carried out to nab touts running the illegal ticket syndicate. As many as 249 touts were detained and punished under the applicable sections of the Railway Act. The Railways ticketing system has always been rich grounds for touts to lure passengers.

Authorities have also deployed a ‘Surakshini’ squad at the station, to do away with beggars and unauthorized hawkers. In the last month, 1,023 beggars and illegal hawkers were apprehended. Of these, 654 were evicted, 354 were fined and 15 persons were sent to jail. Surakshini squads regularly remove beggars from the station.