Western Railway journey extension rules may be withdrawn

MUMBAI: The new journey extension rule implemented on Western Railway is likely to be withdrawn soon. There have been complaints from several commuters who say the new measures are impractical and inconvenient.

“We have written to the railway board about the problems being faced by commuters due to the new rule. We have also drawn the attention of the Centre for Railway Information System, the IT arm of Indian Railways, to rescind the rule,” said a WR official.

As per the new rule, a journey extension ticket can be issued only for the same class of travel for which passengers have a valid ticket. It means that if a person has a first-class ticket between CST and Thane, he can’t buy a second-class extension ticket to travel to Kalyan.

Also, as per the revised rules, commuters cannot buy tickets from any station other than the destinations mentioned on the season ticket. For instance, if the season ticket is between Dadar and Andheri, the person can be allowed to buy journey extension tickets at these two destinations only. Earlier, a commuter could buy a journey extension ticket from intermediate stations too.

Mira Road resident Akbar Khan said, “The new measure is aimed at making suburban travel expensive. Moreover, there was no advance intimation to commuters.”