Western Railway resumes Services after Trains, several Wagons to be Overhauled

MUMBAI: n less than 24 hours after the Nalasopara railway station in Palghar district getting inundated with rain water, Western Railway authorities swung into action and resumed services on Wednesday morning.

The entire services of Western Railway, which is part of the rail network also known as Mumbai’s life line, came to a grinding halt on Tuesday around 7.30 am. Water had inundated the rail tracks crippling the train services.

During the flooding of tracks about 10 wagons of suburban local trains were marooned along with the Shatabdi and the Vadodara express. Central Railway’s modified loco (also known as waterproof loco) which can do shunting duties to pull marooned wagons from water was used to pulled out Rajkot Express from 8-inch water on the tracks between Vasai and Bhiwandi.

After water levels reduced, the local train services for Dahanu road resumed from Virar. The tracks according to railway officials have to be checked in case there is any damage to it during flooding.

All the marooned wagons too had to be pulled out of the tracks where they were stuck till the services were started. All the wagons were later sent to different yards where they will undergo major overhauling before they can be put to service. This process is likely to take three to four days.

Only after the tracks were checked and certified that the first local train from Virar to Churchgate ran at 06.22 am. Apart from the delayed services, some of the commuters were unhappy over the inadequate local trains to reach Mumbai. However, the railways later allowed the local train passengers to travel free in long distance trains.

“All mail express trains entering Mumbai are given halt at Virar, Nalasopara and Vasai road to facilitate the suburban commuters,” said chief public relation officer of Western Railways Ravinder Bhakar.

He added that the overhauling of 10 wagons for a few days would not effect the local train services. However, because of the inundation at nallasopara, four trains were rescheduled while 15 passenger trains and trains to Gujarat and Rajasthan had to be cancelled.

For Thursday the 12904 Amritsar – Mumbai Central Golden Temple Mail and 12009/12010 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express have been cancelled. The Western Railway does not have extra rakes of Shatabdi express so it will be only starting the service after the rake has been fully reworked at the railway yard.