Western Railway thump Bhopal 5-1 in Gold Cup

Bhopal:  It was child’s play for Western Railway as they crushed Hockey Bhopal 5-1 and qualified for the Mumbai Gold Cup semifinal held at Mahindra Stadium yesterday. Bhopal, who almost surprised the formidable Army side on Tuesday, were clueless yesterday.

Mumbai Super League champions Western Railway dominated throughout the second half and gave very little opening to Bhopal in the one-sided second-half affair.

The match began with Western taking a 16th minute lead when Arun Beck converted converted a short corner. Bhopal desperately sought inroads into the Western half and succeeded through Vikas Choudhary’s 27th minute strike. The game looked evenly balanced at 1-1 at the half time.

According to Western coach Sunil Kumar Singh, his team were guilty of playing to Bhopal’s tunes in the first half.

“All they needed was a simple briefing during the half time,” Sunil said. And it did work. Western slammed four goals at regular intervals finally making it look like a one-sided encounter.

“In the second half, the players were told to use the flanks and play a fast-paced game. They followed the instructions and we won the game,” the Western coach revealed.