Will benefit from 6600 Km Electrification projects – Jitendra Mamtora, CMD/TRIL in an Interview

Mr Jitendra U. Mamtora (right), CMD, Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd
Mr Jitendra U. Mamtora (right), CMD, Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd

Ahmedabad (ADI): Mr.Jitendra U Mamtora aged 65 years, is the Chairman and Managing Director of M/s Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd.  Under his leadership the firm diversified from its initial business of manufacture of distribution transformers into the production of furnace transformers.

With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of transformers and the transformer industry, Mr. Mamtora has been instrumental in the setting up and growth of our Company since its inception in the year 1994. He is an Executive Council member of IEEMA and has been nominated as the Chairman of IEEMA, Transformer Division since 2007.

He is also a member of CII and FICCI. His leadership abilities and overall expertise in the technical and commercial aspects of the transformer business have been instrumental in the growth and success of the Company.

Given the big thrust on electrification – 6,600 km of rail that the government wants electrified – Jitendra Mamtora believes this will improve the performance of the industry as a whole. He hopes to benefit when electrification of non-electrified lines pick up pace.

RailNews: Is there anything in the Budget which can benefit the financials of your company at least for the next one year?

Jitendra Mamtora: Not really, except for the electrification. When it goes to the electrification of non-electrified lines, if that happens then we come into the picture because we as a manufacturer of transformer can have big stake there.

RailNews: That was a big thrust. It was 6,600 kilometres of rail that they want electrified. That was part of the railway minister’s speech. Would that make a big difference to you?

Jitendra Mamtora: Yes, it will of course make a big difference because as I said electrification means they will need more power, they will need more transformer and power utilisation of the utilities or the power generating companies because of lack of the transmission lines are unable to do it. So, this will become a major improvement in the performance of the industry as a whole. As the electrification takes place, means they will have to give power only at one point and then they go on supplying the power.

RailNews: What was the order that you got in FY15 from the railways for electrification?

Jitendra Mamtora: We didn’t get anything. We are not a regular supplier to the railways because there are a lot of hurdles in getting approval and all that. Now we have got the approval and so it will become easier for us to get into this. Last year we hardly had some Rs 10-12 crore order from them and that order is finished. Now we will become a regular supplier and we definitely will get enquiries and more orders eventually.