With the weather showing no signs of let-up, Passengers face weather blues

Ludhiana (LDH): With the weather showing no signs of let-up in the region and trains continuing their erratic schedule, travel on long-route trains, including the New Delhi-Ludhiana-Amritsar train, has become a nightmare for passengers. Passengers on the New Delhi-Ludhiana-Amritsar route were at the receiving end as most trains on this section were running behind schedule by more than four hours.

According to railway officials, the 12037 New Delhi-Ludhiana Shatabdi Express arrived late by over three hours, while the 12029 New Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi was delayed by one hour and 45 minutes. Similarly, the 12497/12498 New Delhi-Amritsar-New Delhi Shane-Punjab trains were late by one hour and 45 minutes, respectively, the 12460/12459 intercity trains on the same section were running behind schedule by four hours and three hours, respectively, while the 14682/14681 Jalandhar-New Delhi-Jalandhar intercity trains were late by over four hours and two hours, respectively.

There was a huge rush of passengers at the railway station opting to get their tickets cancelled and choosing alternative modes of transport as many of them had time-bound commitments, while several had to catch connecting trains or flights.

Sanjeev Puri, an executive with a private company who was to travel to the National Capital by the Amritsar-New Delhi Intercity Express, said he had no choice but to get the ticket cancelled and take a cab to make it to his destination in time for catching a flight to Mumbai.

Among other long-distance trains running late by several hours were the 14673 Jaynagar-Amritsar Shaeed Express (11 hours), the 15707 Katihar-Amritsar Amrapali Express (8.45 hours), the 12331 Kolkata-Jammu Himgiri Express (3.40 hours), the 12919 Indore-Jammu Malwa Express (4.25 hours), the 18101 Tatanagar-Jammu Muri Express (4.35 hours), the 12355 Rajendranagar-Jammu Archna Express (4.40 hours), the 11057 Mumbai-Amritsar Dadar Express (3.50 hours) and the 12380 Amritsar-Sealdah Express (3.40 hours).

Railway officials said several other mail and express trains originating from or bound for places such as Kolkata, Varanasi, Jammu and Amritsar were running late by anything between an hour and two and a half hours, causing inconvenience to passengers.

Inadequate seating capacity at the platforms and lack of sufficient covered waiting area further added to the woes of passengers waiting for their respective trains at the railway station.