Work on Subway linking 6 Platforms at Mysore Railway Station to begin soon

All 6 platforms will be linked through the subway; project will cost Rs.6.4 Cr.

The work on the subway connecting all six platforms at the Mysore Railway Station is set to commence in a few months. Sources in the Mysore division told that financial clearance had been accorded for the project estimated to cost Rs. 6.4 crore, and tenders were ready to be floated.

In the first phase, work will be taken up from KRS Road, opposite the second entrance to the station from the CFTRI side, up to platform six. During the second phase, all six platforms will be linked through the subway.

This is expected to bring relief to commuters, who lug their baggage across the foot overbridge, which is at a height of over 6.5 metres.

It will also prevent people from walking across the railway tracks and endangering their lives.

‘Will not affect traffic’

Officials said the work would not affect movement of traffic on the busy KRS Road or the operation of trains as ‘box pushing technology’ would be used to build the subway. The new method obviates the need for extensive digging and covering it up, according to officials.

Though the financial clearance is for Rs. 6.4 crore, there will be a provision for cost escalation of 10 per cent to 15 per cent, depending on market rates of the raw material.

The subway was proposed in 2007 and it was only recently that the Railway Board approved the project. However, only a small portion of the project cost — Rs. 1.5 crore — has been sanctioned for the present year as against the total of Rs. 6.4 crore.

No word on ATVMs

While the work on the subway is expected to commence in a couple of months, there is no word on other amenities such as automatic ticket vending machines (ATVMs). The authorities have announced 23 ATVMs for Mysore division, of which five will be installed at the city station. But officials said there has been no progress on it.

Two escalators

Similarly, there is no word on the proposed installation of two escalators at the Mysore station, which has been pending for the last few years. Officials pointed out that the project will now be implemented directly by the board.

However, Mysore division has been sanctioned 23 new Janasadharan Ticket Booking Sevaks (JSTBs) who are authorised to issue general tickets at a nominal service charge of Re. 1 per ticket.

The JSTBs are located in different parts of the city and people can procure their tickets from them instead of crowding at the railway station. Officials said seven JSTBs were already functioning in different parts of the city and five additional JSTBs had been sanctioned.