WR declare closure of Fatehabad-Indore & Fatehabad-Ujjain MG Section for GC works

Fatehabad (FTD):   Western railways on Friday claimed that it will complete the ongoing work of gauge conversion on Ratlam-Fatehabad within the set deadline. The deadline decided for the completion of work is by March 31.

Due to gauge conversion work from Meter Gauge to Broad Gauge, Fatehabad–Indore and Fatehabad–Ujjain Meter Gauge Sections will remain closed for 6 months w.e.f. 24/02/2014 (Monday).

Meter Gauge trains will originate/terminate at Indore for trains towards Mhow/Khandwa/Akola. Passengers are requested to check the timings of the train between Indore and Khandwa before starting their journey from railway enquiry.

Public relations officer P Sharma said that changing of track from metre gauge to broad gauge has reached up till Fatehabad having begun from Ratlam. Gauge conversion on Ratlam-Fatehabad project is to be completed in 2012-13. Gauge conversion project on Fatehabad-Indore sections is to be completed in 2013-14.

After gauge conversion gets completed testing of the track is expected to begin by this month end. Budget has been sanctioned for Fatehabad- Mhow gauge conversion in the recently announced union railway budget. The railways are waiting for allotment to begin work on this track.

Due to gauge conversion work on Ratlam-Fatehabad, several trains of Nanded division of south central railway have been partially cancelled or their timings have been changed from 1st January 2013.

Train No 52973 / 52974 Ratlam-Akola-Ratlam fast passenger and Train No 52975 / 52976 Ratlam-Akola-Ratlam fast passenger are cancelled between Ratlam and Ujjain MG section. These trains are hence being run between Akola and Ujjain with changed timings between Khandwa and Ujjain.