WR installs CCTVs on a trial basis in Ladies’ Compartments

MUMBAI: Western Railway has embarked on a fresh initiative to install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the women’s coaches of suburban trains. CCTVs have been installed in a coach on a trial basis and if successful, WR may roll out the project in a month.

WR had first initiated CCTV trials in May-June, but the poor image quality of the gadgets put the plan on hold. After the initial trials failed, the vendor approached WR with an advanced version. “We are looking at CCTV cameras based on traction technology, which can withstand shocks and vibrations as suburban trains can clock a speed of 80 kmph,” a senior WR official said. “The trials have been on for a month now and we received positive results. However, the trials will continue for another month before we decide to officially install CCTVs in ladies coaches,” he said. WR’s chief public relations officer Sharat Chandrayan confirmed the new trials.

The CCTVs will be fitted in all second-class and first-class ladies coaches. The official said, “WR is only looking at recording footage as tracking each compartment through live feed relayed to the control room is not practical. CCTVs will deter criminals from entering ladies coaches.”

WR’s division railway manager Shailendra Kumar said, “Once trials are complete, we will start a bidding process. We plan to install three to four CCTVs in each coach, estimated to cost Rs 1.5 lakh per coach.”