WR moves railway board over failure of ICF rakes

Western Railway (WR) has taken up repeated failures of the newly commissioned integral coach factory (ICF) rakes, three of which are being used for the recently inaugurated Churchgate-Dahanu Road service, with the railway board.

Since their commissioning in December 2012 up till April 4 this year, the rakes have failed on 33 counts. There have been unit troubles, auxillary warning system (AWS) failures and failures of the passenger address system and fans and lights. The other major problem is slow acceleration.

AWS helps motormen pass signals safely.

A senior railway official said, “The railway board has been apprised of the problems. Considering possible delays, the rakes are being run on the Churchgate-Dahanu Road section.”

Three rakes are being used between Churchgate and Dahanu Road as the frequency of services on this section is much less.The failures, however, have reduced since April after certain modifications.

Sunil Goyal, chief electrical engineer, WR, said, “We modified the circuitry. Since last month, the number of failures has come down drastically.”

Asked if there was an issue with AWS, he said, “Any new rake experiences teething troubles.”

An officer said nine of ten ICF rakes were now being used daily.