WR to run Bombardier rakes in Mumbai from Wednesday

Mumbai: Mumbaikars will be finally getting the long-awaited Bombardier train running on the Western Railway (WR) from Wednesday.  The decision to run the two rakes was taken after the Railway Board finally sent the letter to the Central and the Western Railway sanctioning the rakes late Monday evening. Confirming the news, senior officials of Western Railway said, “We have received the letter and will be running the train by Wednesday morning for the commuters on the Western line.”

This will be a historic moment for the Railways as it has been two years since Mumbai saw new rakes after 201 rakes were brought in by the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation in 2013.

Although the much-awaited sanction has arrived, the Railway Board has laid down a few conditions, of which the most important is the restriction of speed. The letter states that Railway officials will have to run the trains at a maximum speed of 70 kmph from Churchgate-Borivili on the slow track and 80 kmph on fast track from Chruchgate -Borivili and Borivili-Virar-Dahanu Road.

Officials said that although these restrictions will be troublesome for a while since the train currently runs at maximum of 100 kmph on the fast line, it will last only until three months. MRVC Managing Director Prabhat Sahai said, “The rakes will be monitored for the next three months after which we can apply to the Railway to increase the speed to 105 kmph, which is the rakes’ maximum speed.”

Mr Sahai has also said that the third rake will be arriving in the city in April, “The order for the next rakes has been given and we are expecting that the third rake will be available for us by April,” he added.

The MRVC will also be distributing feedback forms to the public on Wednesday in order to get their opinion on punctuality, comfort and improvements and these will be submitted in the report along with officials’ own assessment of the rakes’ performance in three months.