Yangon circular railway upgrades to finish in May 2020

YANGON, MYANMAR: The upgrading process of Yangon circular railways will be finished in May 2020, sources said.

“Danyinkone-Paywatsakekone section of the Yangon circular railways, which is divided into eastern and western parts, is nearly finished. Danyinkone-Insein and Insein-Kyinmyindine sections from the western part are finished and Kyinmyindine-Bayarlan section will be finished at the end of December. Four out of five sections of the circular railways will be finished at the end of December. The eastern part will be finalized in May 2020,” said Manager Kyaw Myo Lwin of Myanma Railways (MR).

Each circular train will run ten to twelve minutes at peak hour after the upgrades and can reduce travel time to one hour and 50 minutes each run. The circular train services can carry about 240,000 commuters, according to the MR.

The upgrading processes, including the building of concrete ditch between train tracks and level crossings, will be developed with the union budget and the installation of signal system and the buying of new train carriages will be implemented using US$107 million loan from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

About 80,000 commuters are using the Yangon circular train services daily with each train running 15 to 45 minutes between them at 2 hours and 50 minutes each run.

Although the Yangon circular railways services, which was established in 1958, has been running for about 60 years now, major repairs and upgrades started only this year. The upgrading process will be implemented with US$207 million loan from JICA and US$94 million of state budget, announced the MR.

“If the upgrading process is done, we will run with DEMU train carriages bought from Japan. All upgrading process will be finished in 2022,” said an official from the MR.

About 90,000 commuters are using the circular services daily and the number of daily commuters will be increased to about 300,000 after the upgrading process is finished.